What started the process

During a conversation yesterday about my decision to go “social media free” for a year, a dear friend asked me what started the whole process.  At what point did I begin toying with this idea of stepping away from social media.

As I contemplated this question, I thought back to try and recall what significant event occurred in the Fall to bring me to this experience. It came to me quickly: Bro turned 16.

It was in those months and days leading up to and following his 16th birthday that had me thinking about time.

Time is short.

I often feel it’s far too short. Blink, and it’s already passed.

I remember mulling over how time with Bro (living at home) was whizzing by at a rapid pace. According to our culture, we have approximately 2 years left before he moves out on his own. Two years, folks. Time was and is of the essence.

I was missing it.

There are so many things I still want to do before Bro is an independent adult.  I want to teach him more about life. I have words of wisdom I desire to impart to him. I want to experience more adventures with him. I long to create lasting memories with him. I want to be available for when he wants to share his latest ideas, books he’s read, music he likes, friends he hangs with, and about his journey of faith.

If I am looking down at my little iPhone screen more than into his face, I will look up and find him gone. I don’t want to miss it. I don’t want to miss him. I don’t want to miss seeing him growing into a young man. I don’t want to neglect this precious time we have together, now.

No regrets.

Something needed to change. I needed a powerful shift to take place in my daily habits, behaviors, and commitments.  It was in these first thoughts that I felt a pull to kick social media to the curb. Not that social media is inherently bad or wrong, but I was allowing it to rule my time. More specifically, I was allowing it to suck my time dry so I had nothing extra to give my family beyond the basics. I was spending more time looking at a screen than into my son’s face; his boyish face that was now transforming into a handsome young man’s face.

This is what caused me to reevaluate things. It took me a few months to fully grasp the magnitude of this decision. Yet, I knew in the depths of my heart that it was the right decision to step away from social media for this season, for this 2017 year.

This journey was further confirmed when Bro shared in my bio that “it’s fun when you spend time with us.” This isn’t a one-way street, friends. He enjoys spending time with me, too! Praise the Lord!

I am ready and eager to be fully present with and available to my son, my family, and those near and dear to me throughout this year.

To God be the Glory!