I am a pretty simple gal. There’s just not a lot of fluff about me. I choose comfort over fashion almost every day. Give me a great pair of jeans, a soft t-shirt, sweatshirt, and some thick ankle socks (we have hard surfaced floors!), and I’ll be one happy camper. Oh, and a made bed.  I like having my bed made every day. It gives me at least one place in my home that’s not messy!

I also tend to be more practical than emotional.  Although, my emotions seem to bubble out more and more with each passing year. Sometimes, if I need a good cry, I’ll watch pregnancy announcements, surprise reunions, and adoption videos on YouTube. They get me every time.

I like my coffee to taste like candy.  I add sugar, vanilla creamer and a squirt of Hershey’s chocolate syrup to my (already) vanilla flavored coffee every morning. MmmmMmmm.

I was homeschooled as a child starting in the 3rd grade and went all the way through graduation. Thereafter, I went to a private college and received my Associate’s degree. Even as a youngster, I loved pretending to play “school” and be a teacher to my friends and siblings. Now, I get to be a real one to my children! We officially began homeschooling our children in 2006, though we did some basic reading and writing prior to that point. The journey as a homeschooling mother is not an easy one, but it is something I have always been passionate about being and doing.

In general, I like to write, bake bread (yay for bread makers!), organize, listen to music, research just about anything online, host gatherings, make people smile (especially grumpy grocery checkers), serve, and read various books.

I have a heart for the lonely and hurting. More specifically, lonely and hurting women and children. This is a part of why we began serving in our local foster care system in 2011. I love encouraging and spurring others on when they are struggling. It brings deep joy to my soul to help meet the various practical, emotional and spiritual needs of those around me.

On a lighter note, I love asking questions! I ask random and specific questions constantly. I delight in hearing people’s answers as it gives me little glimpses into their lives. Everyone has such a unique story to tell. I have learned that asking questions is an effective way to draw out those exceptional stories or personal perspectives.

Finishing things up here, I asked each of my family members to share something they like or appreciate about me. I wanted you to see through a few different lenses who I am, and here is what each said:

Papa – Without skipping a beat, he answered, “That you have a very nice bottom.” hahahaha! He didn’t think I’d actually put it in the post! Funny business aside, he also said, “That you have a really beautiful smile, that you light up a room, that you’re easy to make laugh.”
Bro – “Well, most of the time you’re patient with us, and it’s fun when you spend time with us.”
Demo – “You cook really good.”
Sparkle – “The general motherhood care. Like, when we’re hurt, you care for us.”
King – “You investing your time and doing things for us.”
Taz – “Hmmmm … hmmmm … thinking … that you’re always there for me.”
Munchkin – [That you make me] “a sammich”


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