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The “essence” of this blog is to tell our family’s story. It is to share from the past, present and also looking ahead to the future. Some posts may be humorous or heartfelt, contemplative or fun, practical or memorable. We will share many of the highs and lows as well as the every day, ordinary moments. Through it all, you’ll see our faith in God. He is the firm foundation on which we stand.

We hope and pray our sharing here will encourage, inspire, and help you not feel alone in your own journey.

I, Momma, have struggled for quite some time to have reasons why our story, why our lives would be worth reading. So many other amazing women have been blogging for years and years, and many of them have similar stories to ours. What makes ours worth telling? The answer is – it’s ours. There is no other family with our unique story or perspective. God is writing a story in and through us! Just as we love hearing others share their stories, it is our true honor to step out and share ours.

Noah Webster’s 1828 dictionary defines “essence” as,

  1. “That which constitutes the particular nature of a being or substance, or of a genus, and which distinguishes it from all others.”
  2. “Formal existence; that which makes any thing to be what it is; or rather, the peculiar nature of the thing.”
  3. “Existence; the quality of being.”

This blog is the account, the sharing of our life, our faith, our very being … our essence.

To God be the Glory!

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