The gift of dreaming

I love Christmas morning. The wonder and excitement of celebrating Jesus, being with family, eating fabulous food, giving and receiving gifts, enjoying the white lights on the tree, and drinking many mugs of coffee, hot chocolate and/or spiced cider. Our day here at home is a simple one on Christmas, yet there is often a very profound moment where I am overwhelmed with deep gratitude. It’s a gratitude that goes beyond the physical nature of the day.

You see, gift giving and receiving is not a huge deal for me, personally. I feel daunted at getting the “perfect” gifts for others, and find I am humbled by the thoughtful gifts given to me.

During this last Christmas season, I had a revelation about various gifts I have received. More specifically, the wonderful gifts I have received from Papa over the years. When I reflect on the numerous gifts he has given to me, I find there is typically a theme: my dreams and ideas.

I’m not even sure he knows or realizes this, but he has given me so many gifts that have encouraged me to dream and pursue what I love or enjoy.

The very first year we were married, he gave me a KitchenAid mixer. I love to bake, and this gift encouraged the desire and dream in me to be able to bake. I love baking chocolate chip cookies, in particular, and have used that mixer to make many batches to bless my family and to bless others.

Another year, he gave me a new cell phone (so long flip-phone!), knowing I desired to (somehow) be closer to my family who live far far away. He gave me the gift of connecting with others more efficiently, effectively and personally.

In my pursuit of capturing our lives, memories, and special moments through my camera, he gifted me with an amazing lens.

He knows I find fulfilment in writing, researching, and (again) connecting with people, to which he gave me my very first laptop so I could do so, freely. 🙂

Last year, after discovering I enjoyed painting, he purchased all of the basic supplies needed to paint, to create.

This past Christmas, he presented me with a microphone.  A very, very nice microphone.  He knows I have shared the idea of having my own podcast (of some sort) in the future. He has not just simply encouraged me with his words, but he has encouraged me with his gifts.

He has given me the gift of dreaming.

It begs me to ask myself if, when, and how am I giving the gift of dreaming to others. Am I giving it to Papa, to the kids, to those in my little sphere of influence? A gentle nudge here, an encouraging word or a spontaneous gift there, am I giving others this same gift of dreaming and pursuing what they love?

Though I do not know when or how I will use my new microphone, I do know it has enabled me to press ahead. It was the extra push I needed to put myself out there and actually start this blog.

Receiving these various items over the years, being able to truly pursue my ideas and to cultivate them is empowering. I know Papa stands beside me in the journey, he believes in me. This, friends, is truly a gift.

To God be the Glory!