No posts on the weekends

As I’ve been writing, brainstorming, studying, planning, and writing some more, I’ve found I get a few blog posts ahead of myself. Apparently, I have A LOT to say, hahaha! I end up having the posts scheduled out several days in advance, instead of writing them the day of their being published.

In doing this, I recognized a pattern was emerging. I didn’t intend to have one, but I began to notice I would subconsciously set aside weekends to be post-free. In pondering why I was doing this, I settled on three primary reasons:

  1. I have a desire to pace myself in this world of blogging. By ignoring two days of the week, I don’t have as many days to fill with my posts. This may change over time, but for now, it’s perfect.
  2. I am learning to set personal boundaries in many areas of my life, including the use of my time (ie. No Facebook for 2017). I am setting blogging boundaries now, before I get carried away.
  3. I hope to encourage individuals and families to have true rest and/or family time over the weekends, with less distractions. I realize people aren’t waiting on pins and needles for my posts, haha, and I also know I don’t control what people choose to or not to do in their free time. That said, I didn’t (and don’t) want to be a distraction or hindrance in any way, shape, or form.

As a result, no posts will be published on Saturdays or Sundays. There’s no need to come looking for anything on those days, as nothing new will be added. Rest assured, my older posts will still be here and plenty of new posts will come during the weekdays. So, go have some fun, relax, and enjoy your time over the weekends, and I will do the same. 🙂

To God be the Glory!

“To God be the Glory!”

You may (or may not?) have noticed I end most of my blog posts with, “To God be the Glory!” I do this very intentionally for two primary reasons: 1) it’s a way for me to publicly praise Him, and 2) I always want to remember, nay, I always need to remember Who gets the glory here.

I don’t know about you, but it’s easy for me to want the attention and accolades. But friends, God is the One. He deserves and is worthy of all the glory, all the honor, all the accolades … He is …

He is orchestrating
He is leading
He is forgiving
He is loving
He is protecting
He is providing
He is gracious
He is merciful
He is mighty
He is strong
He is hope
He is peace
He is great
He is joy
He is unchanging
He is all-knowing
He is life-giving
He is creating
He is speaking
He is listening
He is holding
He is carrying
He is defending
He is right
He is just
He is truth
He is alpha (the beginning)
He is omega (the end)
He is eternal
He is Father
He is Son
He is Holy Spirit

It is He and He alone …

To God be the Glory!