Felt safety

Foster care is an incredibly beautiful, rewarding, as well as challenging road. There is always something to learn along the way as we care for children with tough backgrounds.

In our foster care journey, one of the greatest impacts we can have on a child is to help them feel safe. Not just know in their minds they can be or are safe, but to truly feel safe.

The vast majority (but not all) of children in foster care have experienced abuse of some kind. This could be physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse and/or abuse from neglect or abandonment.  There is trauma. There is hurt. There is pain. There is loss.

For any number of reasons, the children can feel unsafe in their environment. So, when they come from a hard place, it’s a struggle to switch gears. Even if and when placed in a new and healthy environment, children can struggle to feel safe and to trust people. Everything is different. It’s confusing. It’s hard.

Munchkin has been with us for over 6 months now and struggles to feel safe at times. She is almost 4 years old and is seemingly going through the “separation anxiety” stage. She will panic and yell for me if I leave her sight even for a brief moment, “Auntie Auntie AUNTIE! I need you!” It rips my heart to shreds. She is one of the happiest little girls I know, yet she is also one who struggles with intense fear. The fears of feeling alone or abandoned are powerful ones for sweet Munchkin.

It is during these times that it may appear we are “spoiling” her by holding or carrying her often or sitting beside her bed as she falls asleep. Let me reassure you, we are not spoiling her. We often need to keep her closer to us and sacrifice other things (alone time, hobbies, writing, rest) in order to simply be with her. We don’t like to let her “cry it out” as is often suggested to help children sleep better on their own. No, we stay close. Connection. Safety. Trust. When trauma is part of one’s background, spoiling is less likely to be felt by the child. In fact, there is an emotional void that is often so great, it takes a loooong time to refill before feeling safe again.

This is where we come into the picture. We attempt to restore connection. We want to rebuild the broken bridge so children can trust people and safety can be felt and experienced. We hope and pray they not only know they are safe here, but the core of their very being feels safe here. They can let down their guard, take a deep breath and relax.




Yes, felt safety. It is oh-so-vital in order for connection and growth to take place.

“It’s so much easier that way!”

Taz is true to his “Tasmanian Devil” nickname with his high energy, loud noises and cyclone-like behaviors. In addition, his attention span is a bit … short. I might even say it’s about the size of a gnat. Very small, very short, hardly noticeable.

For Taz, math is one of those subjects he excels in understanding, but struggles to slow down in the process of actually doing it. His shortened attention span adds a different level of learning. He hurries through it as quickly as possible, often making mistakes along the way. He typically answers correctly, but he is constantly writing his 6s backwards and other numbers simply aren’t recognizable in his flurry of pencil strokes. To help ease the frustration of correcting many errors, I sit with him in the moment to help him walk (not race) through his work.

Recently, we were working through one of his very basic math problems on his practice sheet, “7-3=__”, he mumbled to himself with lightning speed as he processed aloud the answer to the problem.

“[mumble mumble] … 7 … [mumble mumble] … 10 … [mumble mumble] … 6 … [mumble mumble] … 4!”

I looked at him with utter confusion.

He let me in on a little secret of his and confidently explained, “What I do is I take 7 and I change it to a plus problem so it’s 7+3 which is 10, and then I minus 6 which equals 4!”

[me: blink blink blink]

I couldn’t help it, laughter simply bubbled right up and out as I processed what he was saying.

Taz instantly burst out, “What! What! It’s so much easier that way!”

More laughing ensued. This kid of ours, he is awesome. Truly, one-of-a-kind, awesome.

King, upon hearing what Taz did to solve this particular math problem, chuckled and honestly stated, “That’s really smart, but really confusing!”

I agree, King, I agree.  🙂

Fun Fact Friday – January 27, 2017

Here’s another little list of “fun facts” about me … 🙂

  1. My hair is curlier now, than ever before. I like it.
  2. I cross my legs, at the knee or ankle, pretty much every time I sit down. It feels weird to have my legs perfectly straight, level, or balanced. I need some angles and imbalance.
  3. If I go to a county or state fair, the two foods I purchase more than any other, are elephant ears and cotton candy. Yum!
  4. I’m a piler, by nature. I make piles of things all throughout the house. Sometimes this is helpful, sometimes it is not. Most of the time though, it is not.
  5. I like to participate in playing card games and board games. One of the most recent board games I played was called “Agricola.” It’s a bit complicated to learn, but it’s worth learning. I really enjoy playing it.
  6. I tend to be drawn toward more rustic, cabin, woodsy feeling homes. They have so much character and often make me feel cozy and relaxed.
  7. One of my favorite stages of childhood development is the 12 months to 3 years old stage. They are learning new things daily, developing their personalities, still snuggle-up close, and talk so adorably as they learn to communicate. aaah. So cute!!
  8. I love laughing, but don’t do it nearly as much as I’d like. I am thankful to be married to a man who makes me laugh, especially when I need it most.
  9. I enjoy trying to figure out what the next step in our journey is going to be. We/I plan the path to the best of our ability, but it truly is the Lord who guides our steps. I am eager to see the amazing things He has in store for this year.

“To God be the Glory!”

You may (or may not?) have noticed I end most of my blog posts with, “To God be the Glory!” I do this very intentionally for two primary reasons: 1) it’s a way for me to publicly praise Him, and 2) I always want to remember, nay, I always need to remember Who gets the glory here.

I don’t know about you, but it’s easy for me to want the attention and accolades. But friends, God is the One. He deserves and is worthy of all the glory, all the honor, all the accolades … He is …

He is orchestrating
He is leading
He is forgiving
He is loving
He is protecting
He is providing
He is gracious
He is merciful
He is mighty
He is strong
He is hope
He is peace
He is great
He is joy
He is unchanging
He is all-knowing
He is life-giving
He is creating
He is speaking
He is listening
He is holding
He is carrying
He is defending
He is right
He is just
He is truth
He is alpha (the beginning)
He is omega (the end)
He is eternal
He is Father
He is Son
He is Holy Spirit

It is He and He alone …

To God be the Glory!

Am I cheating?

Friends, by now, you probably know I am going social media free for all of 2017. It’s been brought to my attention, that blogging is a form of social media. So, am I cheating? Am I not really going social media free?

It’s a good question to ponder and answer.

In short, blogging is indeed a form of social media. It’s true. According to Wikipedia, social media is using “computer-mediated technologies that allow the creating and sharing of information, ideas, career interest and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.”

That’s what I am doing here. I’m sharing my information and ideas through this virtual community of blogs.

So, why I am allowing myself to pick and choose what social media I use and what I don’t use?

It all boils down to time.

With Instagram, Facebook and Periscope, I can easily get sucked in and participate for hours at a time, during the day, on my phone. Time is gone, with very little to show for it, and my family is set aside in the process. Not good.

Blogging has a different … feel.

It’s all done on the computer, not my phone, so it’s not as easy to get sucked into it wherever I am at the time. The computer also isn’t on as much during the day, and when it is, the kids are typically using it for schoolwork, or I’m catching up on emails. Thus, I am not as tempted to be on it because it’s simply not as available or convenient.

Most of my blogging is also done early in the morning (it’s 5:46am as I type this), or late in the evening when everyone is sleeping. I tend to think more clearly when it’s quiet. So, most of my thinking, writing and sharing is done when it least impacts the family and when I can easily process my thoughts.

This is not to say I never do any blogging during the day, it’s just not as common. I’m intentionally freeing myself from the constant need to be online. In this scenario, it’s the spirit of the law, rather than the letter of the law. The essence of why I’m banning some and permitting others is based on how well I know what I can and cannot handle. Boundaries. I’ve cut what I needed to cut in social media, and am deliberately pursuing what I love in its place, which is writing (even though it’s being done through a social media-type platform, oh the irony).

Overall, I find I am a healthier person in processing my thoughts in written form, and my family isn’t suffering from my time on the blog. In fact, one of the most beautiful gifts from this journey so far (3 weeks into it), is that my kids are asking to read my posts. They ask when a new one is up and if they can read it. Sometimes we talk about the posts, sometimes we don’t. But, I love that they are interested in reading my thoughts. I think they enjoy seeing a different side of their Momma. It’s true, their Momma has dreams, ideas and passions, just like anyone else! 🙂

So yes, blogging is a form of social media. But, I’m OK with that.

To God be the Glory!

Can or Called?

In my goal of purchasing “no more books” for this year, I’m picking up and reading books I already own. It’s fun to pursue and finish a book I’ve been set on reading for some time.

As I write this, I just finished a beautiful little book titled, “Riley Unlikely” by Riley Banks-Snyder. As the back of the cover explains, “This is the story of how God took a thirteen-year-old girl and transformed her into a nineteen-year-old missionary. It’s the story of how he can take seemingly mismatched parts and fit them together brilliantly. It’s the story of how he can change our lives and dramatically shift our dreams. All this time, he has been tailor-making me for Kenya’s kids, and them for me” a perfect match from an unlikely story.”

As someone who has always longed to go to Africa, this book was a true delight for me to read. Riley’s heart to provide for practical needs paired with her heart to love and care for the children and orphans is simply beautiful. It hits so close to home. I have always been drawn to Africa, even from a young age. The brilliant colors, simplistic living, hard work, pure joy and contentment, full trust in God amidst the struggle, and the beautiful people there … yes, these are just a few of the reasons why I love Africa (even though I’ve only loved it from half way around the world).

There was one little paragraph in the book that seemed to jump off of the page as I read it. I have since read it over and over and over again,

When you’re serving just because you can, the work is useful and beneficial and good. But you’ll stay committed to it only as long as it stays convenient. By contrast, when you’re serving in a capacity where you feel called, you’ll move heaven and earth if you have to, to see it through.

So. Good.

Can or Called?

As I seek the Lord for what He has planned for my life (however great or small the journey), I believe this to be a good and helpful distinction to make. Am I doing ____ because I can, or because I’m called? It doesn’t have be grand doings, like going to Africa, but can be a simple way of serving, loving or helping others.

Doing things because we can or because we’re called, BOTH are beneficial and good, but one will compel us to keep pressing forward, despite the circumstances. As the author says, “you’ll move heaven and earth if you have to, to see it through.”

Does this bring to mind anything you are doing in your life because you can or because you’re called?

Perhaps you are serving locally, starting a new business or ministry, teaching your children at home, leading worship, caring for the orphans (maybe in foster care), going back to or continuing to work, furthering your education, cleaning bathrooms, doing laundry, writing books (or blogs!), serving your local government, traveling to foreign lands, or counseling others who are struggling? They may not always be fun at every turn, but we will likely feel compelled to and called to do this good work.

When passion wavers, our calling catapults us forward to see it through.

I experience this every year (or day!) in our homeschooling journey. I feel Papa and I are called to teach, train up and disciple our children at home. However, I struggle with various aspects of the process. Even after 10 years of homeschooling, I often struggle with feeling inadequate, like I’m failing, like I don’t know what I’m doing, and like I’m suffocating under the pressures of doing it right. Despite this personal battle within me, I continue to learn, plan, and teach our children. There is much joy experienced and many memories are created amidst the daily routines of our schooling. I know it’s what we are, what I am, called to do.

It is in this calling, that I do not give up.

I press on.

I stay up late at night and wake up early in the morning to do what needs to be done.

I sacrifice.

I move heaven and earth.

I will see it through.

Friends, whatever you may be facing, whatever decisions you need to make, whatever you are currently experiencing, whatever journey lies before you, rest assured, He who called you, is faithful.

You may still be discovering what God is leading or calling you to do, and that’s part of the journey, too! Be patient. Trust. It will likely come and unfold before you when you least expect it. Keep watching. Read His Word. Pray. Wait for His timing. Move when He moves. Follow where He leads.

It’s an exciting and powerful time when shifting from doing things because you can, to do things because you are called.

Wherever you are in the journey, I encourage you to trust Him in it.

To God be the Glory!

No more books

Amazon.com is a wonderful site. I have been a member for years now, and continue to love their service. I can order any number of items and have them delivered right to my front door. With a houseful of kids, it’s much easier for me to click and purchase, than load ’em all up in the car and head to the store. I’d rather sip my coffee in my comfy clothes and get it all sent right to me.

So easy.

So convenient.

Unfortunately for this girl, it’s often too easy and far too convenient.

You see, I have a weakness for books. I love gathering, researching, owning and reading books. For whatever reason, it brings me great joy to buy books. I see people share the latest books they’ve read and I jump onto Amazon to read the reviews. More often than not, I order it if it catches my fancy.

I’m a sucker for a good book recommendation.

Case in point, just before typing this post, I went onto Amazon and looked at all of my orders for 2016. I scrolled through the pages and counted all of the books I purchased last year for my personal reading. To clarify, I did not count any cookbooks, school books, books gifted to others, or books for the kids to read. I simply counted how many I purchased for my own enjoyment.

Care to guess how many physical (not kindle-type) books I bought over the year?

I knew it was a lot, but it was quite eye-opening to discover the reality of my obsession.

If I counted accurately, I purchased 29 books in 2016. Twenty-nine!! Oy!!! This may not seem like a lot to some of you, but it’s A LOT for me.

To top it off, I would guess I actually completed only 4 of them. FOUR! [blush] I started many of the books, finished few, and didn’t even crack the spine of the rest.

Y’all, I spent WAY too much money last year on books to, essentially, decorate my shelves. It truly was (is) a guilty pleasure.

This 2017 year is going to be different.  I have put a hold on my spending and committed to purchasing ZERO books for myself this year. If I want to read something, I can pick up one of the books already sitting on my shelves that I ordered last year. If I really want to read a book that I do not own, I’ll borrow it from the library and read it for free. I’m brilliant, I know. haha!

I actually anticipate this no-more-purchasing-books year to be a fairly easy one. The main reason being, I was introduced to almost all of my new books via social media, and primarily through Facebook. Without being on there for the year to see any book recommendations, I won’t even know what I’m missing! YAY!

Now, to go look at my current stash and figure out what I’m going to read next …


(For those interested, I just finished up a beautiful book titled, “The Magnolia Story” by  Chip and Joanna Gaines. What an inspiring book. I highly recommend it and so do a couple of my kids who read and enjoyed it as well! My sister recommends the audiobook version as Chip and Joanna are the ones who actually read it aloud. How fun is that?!)

Fun Fact Friday – January 20, 2017

Fun Fact Friday:

  1. I drink more water throughout the day if I have a straw in my glass.
  2. I learned to type on a very old, heavy, black metal typewriter. If I typed too quickly, the key bars entangled before they hit the ink ribbon.
  3. Unintentionally, my window blinds are closed more often than they are open. If I open them too early in the day, our house becomes a sauna in the hot sun. However, once the sun passes overhead, I simply forget to open the blinds amidst the hustle and bustle of the day. Therefore, they default to staying closed majority of the time.
  4. I have a hard time using and managing digital calendars. I do much better with good old fashioned pen/pencil and a simple $1 calendar.
  5. I’m toying with the idea of scrapbooking my hard copy pictures by using a page protector-type method. I am still learning about this concept, but it seems a lot easier than the cutting, trimming, stickers, ribbons, gluing, stencils and background decorating I’ve tried in the past. I’m leaning toward using the companies “Project Life”, “We R Memory Keepers”, or “Simple Stories.” I still have some research to do in order to know what I truly want and/or need. Have any of you tried these methods? Are there any pros and/or cons I should know about them?
  6. Our kids earn their “screen time” minutes by completing their daily chores by 9:00am.
  7. I prefer viewing a majestic mountain setting over looking at a beautiful ocean view. I like the varying shadows, interesting textures, rich colors and sharp angles that make up a mountain scene. It’s incredibly breathtaking to me. I am blessed to live in a place where I can actually view both, if I so desired.

To God be the Glory, He has created such beauty for us to enjoy!

I have Myopia

Myopia is nearsightedness.

When people have nearsightedness, they can see well things that are close while struggling to see those at a distance. I have myopia both in the physical and spiritual sense.

Over the past couple of months, Papa, the kids, and I have been going through Focus on the Family’s “The Truth Project.” It has been a rich time as we dive into Truth and seeing how it affects our worldview(s). We’ve had some great discussions throughout this journey. If you’re looking for something to study and shift some of your thinking, I highly recommend going through this one. This is Papa and my third time through the series, it’s so good.

As we watched the 6th lesson on “Whose story” is History, the teacher shared about our tendency to have and struggle with myopia. We all have it, in some shape or form, some greater than others. We see what’s in front of us clearly, from our own perspective. It’s often a more selfish perspective. In having this, we can easily neglect to see what God is doing in the big picture and throughout all of history. His perspective. It’s bigger than just us. Though the teacher mentioned it ever-so-briefly, it hit close to home in light of my recent ponderings and most recent blog post.

In my post, I mentioned sharing or teaching from what we know. We share our lives, our passions, our own thoughts and experiences with others to make a difference. I believe this to still be true, but maybe it should be more like the backdrop or a prop, instead of the main stage event.

I am not very familiar with the theater world, but I do know there is a big story being told on a stage. Each costume, actor, prop, background, stage hand, pulley, light, curtain, musical instrument, voice, sound effect, and so many other small and grand parts, help tell a greater narrative. Though we are not actors in a performance, we are part of a bigger story.

It’s incredibly easy, for me, to dwell in and focus on my own little world, my own little part, that I miss seeing what’s happening around me in this greater story.

Take heart friends, the pressure is off, because it’s not all about us, despite our having myopia.

It’s ultimately His story that is being told. He is the focus.

We may know this, but where does that leave us?

How are you and I a part of it all? Sometimes, we just feel so small and/or insignificant. What difference can we make?

Changing analogies here … How can God weave us into His beautiful tapestry?

Friends, we must not only look down and in (at our personal journey), we must also look up and out (at God’s bigger picture). We must see bigger, view greater, and envision beyond what’s right in front of us. We are a piece, a part, a thread of something so much bigger than ourselves. It’s a delicate balance of recognizing the experiences and decisions that make us who we are in the here and now (myopia), yet remembering Who made us in light of history and throughout all of eternity (big picture).

When I spiral down into my own world, into my own little cave of perspectives, thoughts, fears, worries, isolation, I usually start asking myself some tough and pointed questions to help me get out:

Am I reading and meditating on God’s Word, on His Truth?
Am I standing firm on Truth?
Am I merely *thinking* about things, or am I truly taking it to prayer? (thinking about something is not the same as praying with purpose and intention)
Am I doing what He is asking me to do?
Am I doing ____ to please myself?
Am I doing ____ to please others?
Am I doing ____ to please God?
Am I being true to who God created me to be?
Am I feeling restless or feeling content?
Am I going with what I think is best, easiest, practical and most logical?
Am I seeing God at work and moving, or am I missing it from having “myopia?”

Recently, I said “no” to doing some very good things in my life, in order to prepare and be able to say “yes” to better things. It’s not that the actual “things” were better, in general, it’s that they were better because God was leading me (and our family) to do them. His leading is always the better way. These things involved how I use my time, and more specifically, how our family would serve in the local foster care system.

At the time, I didn’t know what those “better” things would be, but knew I had to step away from what was comfortable and routine. I knew I was blessing others with my service and work, but I also knew God had other plans in store for me, for my family.  Though I loved what I did, something was shifting. I did not know what I needed to prepare for, but knew I needed to stop and say “no” in order for me to say “yes” to whatever was to come. It wasn’t easy, but the bigger picture was unfolding before me and I didn’t want to miss it.

I had to step out in faith and leave behind my comfort zone.

Once I made that decision to say “no” and step down from what I was previously committed to doing, I was free to say “yes.” Little did I know, we would not have to wait long to find out what “yes” was awaiting us. Just 2 days later, we received a call from the state (CPS). We now have the sweetest little 3yr old girl (“Munchkin“) in our care who has higher medical needs. If we hadn’t made ourselves ready and available, it would’ve been hard to say “yes” in that phone call. We would not have been able to maintain what we were doing and add caring for her to our lives. God knew what He was doing! He’s weaving our story to reflect His heart, and in this case, His heart to love and care for the “orphans” (children in foster care). I truly cannot imagine life without Munchkin in our home. She’s amazing. Praise HIM for leading us to change things in our lives at the exact moment we needed to change them.

I encourage you to step back, look out, and look up. God is moving. He is working. He has a plan and purpose and it’s bigger than anything we can comprehend or imagine. It’s a beautiful weaving of our lives to reflect His glory.

Don’t be surprised, friends, if and when He asks you to prepare for something “greater” that is to come. It may not be profound or grand from our perspective; as it may be as simple as slowing down and listening to someone share their story, or to step in and teach or help with a class, or provide a meal for a friend in need. Whatever the call, whatever the nudge, I implore you to answer.

You and I have a part in what God is doing. Beautiful threads created and designed for a purpose.

Lord, show us how we can be a part of Your story. Help us to not allow our myopia to cloud or narrow our vision. Help us to see clearly where You are moving, working and what amazing things you are doing far and wide. Sharpen our hearing so we can answer Your call to move, stand, wait, build, speak, or simply just be. You make beautiful things out of us, so here we are, ready to be woven into the magnificent tapestry of Your story. To You be the Glory, Honor and Praise, forever and ever, Amen.

Sharing what I know

Back in 2005 (or so), I was asked by our pastor’s wife to share at an upcoming women’s retreat. When she asked me, I was actually quite shocked. I wasn’t even 30 years old at that time, yet she wanted me to share with and teach other younger and older women? I had no idea someone thought I could have something valuable enough to impart to others.

It’s amazing what happens when someone else encourages you to step out in faith. You gain a little bit of … courage.

I ultimately said “yes” and stepped out of my comfort zone.

I shared with the ladies that retreat weekend what I was learning. I had object lessons and visual aids, I was serious yet light-hearted, I encouraged the ladies to press on, and I shared God’s Word with them. It actually felt pretty good, as if I was making a little difference.

I ended up being asked to share that same message the following Sunday to the entire church. It apparently made an impact greater than I had realized. Once again, I was encouraged.

I can’t tell you all of the details of what I said over a decade ago, but I do know I shared what I knew, what I had experienced, what I was learning, and what God’s word said. It was an amazing moment for me. If no one else was encouraged, I knew I was. God was giving me the opportunity to practice my gifts, teach others, and share what He was doing.

The following year, I was asked to share at that same annual women’s retreat. Once again, I accepted the invitation.

Unfortunately, the results of my sharing would prove to be a wee bit different.

During that season, prior to the retreat, I was reading a book by Randy Alcorn called, “Heaven.” For whatever reason, I decided to speak/share on Heaven, using that book as the backdrop. This is a subject I knew very little about and wasn’t overly passionate about the topic, yet I studied up, took notes, and prepared as much as possible.

When the time came for me to give my little workshop and teach, the proverbial wheels fell off of the wagon. I’m not fully sure what happened during that hour, but I knew it wasn’t like the previous year. I didn’t make any sense as I spoke, I was lost in my thinking, and I had trouble describing or showing what I was trying to convey.

Something was off.

The ladies were left confused.

More questions were raised than were answered.

It wasn’t a beneficial time for anyone (as far as I was concerned).

I felt horrible and useless.

From that point, I knew something needed to changed. But what?!

What had changed between the first and second year of sharing with these same ladies?

Then, I realized what was different. I was trying to teach from another person’s passions or knowledge, not from my own. When I am trying to be passionate about something of which I am not, there is little to no passion to be found. The message is lost. I can’t teach (as effectively) what I don’t know, haven’t experienced, or aren’t eager to pursue.

Ultimately, I wasn’t following the Lord’s leading. I had read an interesting book and was attempting to lead in my own thoughts, plans and expectations while dragging Him down the road with me. Let me just tell you now, this is not a good plan. As I learned through this experience, the wheels will often fall off of the wagon, eventually, and you will go nowhere.

There must be another way.

His way.

God has walked me through some interesting experiences that make my story and perspective unique. It’s not for my glory, but for His. I have learned hard lessons, discovered powerful Truths, walked through peaks and valleys, and HE has been with me through it all. It’s amazing to sit back and ponder the various things in my life that I have experienced, learned, or am continuing to learn about even now. The journey is never over.

In these “journeys,” I have experienced …

Fighting to be Diligent
Woes of Dating
Peaks and Valleys of Marriage
Family Relationships
Foster Care
Learning Patience
Battling Fear
Walking by Faith
Serving (selflessly and selfishly)
Practicing Hospitality
Struggling with Self-Control
Discovering Boundaries
Finding Balance
Following-Through (or lack thereof)
Being Bold and Courageous
Encouraging Others
Standing Firm

These are just a “few” of some of the journeys I could easily share on or teach about at any point. Why? Because, I have walked (or am walking) these roads. Some are beautiful, some are ugly. Whatever the experience, trust me, it is SO much easier and more effective to pass on what is part of your journey, instead of someone else’s (or a random author’s) journey.

I encourage you to share. Teach, impart, walk with, guide, and inspire others with your life and gifts, all for God’s glory. No fear. Be bold. Be real. The good, bad and ugly. No one else can share your story and passions, like you. In that same vein, no one else can share my stories and passions, like me.

So, here I am with this little blog, “sharing what I know” and what I’m learning, with you. I hope and pray it blesses you, however great or small.

To God be the Glory!